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La Crosse Wireless Wind Station

La Crosse Wireless Wind Station

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 Clock automatically radio-controlled by the Frankfurt antenna (DCF-77)
 DCF-77 disactivation function
 Manual setting function
 Display 12 or 24 hours
 Time zone : +/- 12 hours
 Calendar with day / date / month display
 Alarm setting
 Barometer with icon display,  Trend display
 User selectable weather icon threshold : 2-4 hPa
Atmospheric pressure
 Measure units : hPa or inHg
 Range for absolute pressure : from 300 hPa to 1099 hPa
 Resolution : 0,1 hPa
 Running history bargraph
 Air pressure history bargraph on 24 or 72 hours (7-step bargraph)
 User selectable display of relative pressure (from 920 hPa to 1080 hPa)
 Pressure sensitivity level setting
 Recording of Min / Max with time and date of readings
Wind speed and wind direction
 Measure units : km/h, m/s, knots, mph or Beaufort
 Range : from 0 to 180 km/h (or from 1 to 50 m/s)
 Resolution : 0,1 m/s
 Wind direction displayed on a 360° compass
 Recording of Min / Max with time & date of recordings
 Up to 16 separate alarm settings
Alarms setting (with sound alarm option) :
 hour alarm,  relative pressure alarms (high and low),
 wind speed alarms (high and low),  wind direction alarm
PC connection
 Computer connection included
 Delivered with setup CD-ROM (in French, English & German)
 & 2 metres of cable for the base-computer link (RS232)
 Data is gathered by the computer, from which it is possible to use the data & design graphs
 Possible storage of 1750 sets of data with time & date recording
 Data recording intervals from 1 minute up to 12 hours
 EEPROM memory (non volatile ring buffer memory)
Delivered with
 1 anemometer TX 20
 1 outdoor relay transmitter TX 19
 1 RS232 cable
 1 AC/DC adaptor
 1 Cd-Rom with PC HEAVY WEATHER software
 Data transmitted at 433 MHz
 Transmission: 100 metres (in open field)
LCD Contrast
 LCD contrast setting from 0 to +7
LED backlight
 20 seconds automatic EL Blue Backlight
 of the Station (L x W x H) = 140 x 30 x 184mm
 of the anemometer ( L x W x H) = 250 x 277.6 x 77.9mm
 of the outdoor relay transmitter (L x W x H) = 136 x 73 x 71.5mm
 3 x AA batteries, IEC LR6 1,5 V for the receptor or AC/DC adaptor
 2 x C batteries, IEC LR14 1,5 V for the outdoor relay transmitter

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