MMF Technology started in 1987 and became a Pty ltd company in 1994. The company is a distributor for various high quality technological products, sourced from Australia based companies. MMF Technology’s experienced electronics consultant, Mark Musarra, has technological, specialized electronic knowledge to give technical advice, support and integration. He has collaborated with a number of clients to solve electronic problems both in the automation and manufacture industry and for home electronic solutions and he gives invaluable product support.

Knowledge and exeperience in electronics

Mark Musarra turned his interest in electronics from a very early age to a career and then into a business. Mark is an electronics engineer; he attained his Bachelor of Electronic Engineering at W.A.I.T., now incorporated in Curtin University, in 1983. Mark has a background working with Electronic engineering in the mining industry and with under water cameras in the off shore industry, prior to setting up his own business.  He continues to work as a consultant at Underwater Video Systems P/L ,where he covers a wide range of duties including design and delivery of specialised systems, the ongoing management of the company's technical activities, maintenance and continued development of the company's computer system usage, as well as the management and administration of current contracts held with major clients including the Australian Submarine Corporation, Department of Defence – Navy, Water Corporation, CSIRO in addition to a number of large offshore engineering operators supporting Woodside Energy, BHP, Shell, Exxon and others.

More recent achievements include the design, manufacture and commissioning of a distributed control system for remote monitoring and control of the large trencher used for installation of the 35km offshore power cable for the Q7 windfarm off Imjuden in The Netherlands.

Mark is currently project leader for the design, manufacture and commissioning of a subsea trencher monitoring and control system which is intended to bury an offshore pipeline situated off the east coast of Russia, beneath 1.5m of ice. For more information, please see his resume.

Combined interests in industrial and home electronics, audiovisual equipment and weather technology

Mark has three main interests, Industrial Electronics, Audio Visual Equipment and components alongside Home Electronics and Weather. The best way to combine his interests is to run a company with 3 departments. In so doing, he spends his time equally between his interests. His passion for all three subjects and his extensive knowledge is an unquestionable asset for anyone seeking advice and product support within these fields.

Janet and Mark measured rainfall using a rain gauge on a daily basis for many years and they have rain statistics and weather charts going back to 1989. As a result of their research and accumulated product knowledge they have collected a veritable treasure trove of high quality, affordable weather technology product in a one stop shop for weather enthusiasts and for industries  that are weather dependent such as farming, fire prevention, fishery,  forestry,  electricity production, telecommunications, industries working with sensitive equipment.

They started by selling from a stall in Midlands Military Market and have expanded to service Perth and all of Western Australia, however, if you come from near of far you are welcome to seek advice and order Weather Technology Products.

MMF Technology business procedures

MMF Technology abides by strict Quality Assurance aspects to ensure product reliance and customer satisfaction. Mark is quality minded and ethical by nature; he has transferred his professional, industrial experience of quality assurance and expedient service procedures to his own business. You get the individual service that can only be provided by a smaller company combined with all the benefits of a larger company set up, both for any product within in any of the three product groups you order or any service provided to you by MMF Technology.

Please contact MMF Technology for any enquiries.